Team Members

Pedro Val

Pedro is an Assistant Professor at Queens College, City University of New York. He investigates landscape evolution as a function of the competing interactions between tectonics, rock types, climate, and geomorphic processes. Currently, he focuses on the role of variable rock types in causing widespread landscape change in intraplate settings and its consequences for the evolution fish.

Luca Malatesta

Luca works on tectonic and climatic geomorphology using simple numerical models and field work. He is a senior scientist and group leader at GFZ Potsdam since 2020. At the moment he mainly works on the record of tectonic activity in the coastal landscapes of active margins.

Ana Rita Carrasco

A. Rita Carrasco is an Assistant Researcher in the Centre for Marine and Environmental Research, University of Algarve (Portugal). Through field data collection and modelling, she researches the interaction of hydrodynamics and sediment transport along salt marsh coastlines, especially the bordering tidal flat areas and other channelized systems. She is interested in salt marsh restoration strategies and optimizing wetlands-based solutions. Her current investigation focuses on understanding the long-term and large-scale biophysical resilience of wetlands.

Elizabeth Orr

Lizzie is a lecturer in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol, UK. Her research primarily focuses on the earth surface processes and evolution of glaciated and mountain landscapes. Her particular research interests lie in the processes and impacts of erosion. She uses a combination of field and laboratory techniques and numerical modeling to investigate the evolution of these dynamic landscapes.

Aditi K. Dave

Aditi K. Dave is a post-doctoral fellow in the ERC project PROGRESS at Babes Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her main research interests lie in the field of geochronology, climate and geomorphology. She is particularly interested in the development and application of trapped charge techniques (luminescence and electron spin resonance), not only as an absolute dating method, but also as a provenance tool. Her current research uses these techniques to investigate how detrital quartz crystals can inform our understanding of sediment transport, erosion and deposition in sedimentary environments, thus  providing insight into landscape-climate interactions over a range of timescales. 

Michal Ben-Israel

Michal is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Merced (USA) working in the Lukens Lab. Currently, she is working on evaluating the connections between microbial weathering and landscape evolution in recently deglaciated landforms in the eastern Sierra Nevada, CA. She is interested in surface processes and how to quantify them, especially using cosmogenic nuclides.

Rebekah Harries

Rebekah is a FONDECYT Postdoc Fellow at the Department of Structural and Geophysical Engineering and the Research Centre for Integrated Disaster Risk Management at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. She is interested in the impact of climate on mountain rivers and their associated hazards. Her research has involved using field data and numerical models to understand how landscapes respond to climatic, tectonic and lithologic forcing and the extent to which such forcing is evident in downstream sedimentary records. 

Boris Gailleton

Boris is a PostDoc in the Earth Surface Process Modelling section at the GFZ Potsdam (Germany). He is generally interested in developing topographic analysis algorithms and landscape evolution models, crossing them with field data to disentangle the different controls on the earth surface (e.g. tectonics, climate, lithology). He is more specifically focussing on heterogeneous landscapes, where multiple forcings coexists and makes the topographic signals ambiguous. 

Dina Fieman

Dina is an Assistant Professor at the Geosciences Department of the University of Rennes (France). He uses and develops numerical models, geophysical methods and quantitative observations to explore the interplays between tectonics and landscape evolution. His current research focuses on modeling how large-magnitude storms and earthquakes contribute to the long-term dynamics of landscapes. 

Past members:

Steffi Tofelde

(University of Potsdam)

Vivi Pedersen

(Aarhus University)

Charles Shobe

(West Virginia University)

Wolfgang Schwanghart

(University of Potsdam)

Pierre Valla

(Université Grenoble Alpes)

Philippe Steer

(Université Rennes I)