Landscapes Live Pacific

EGU-GM Online Seminars in Geomorphology

Landscapes Live Pacific is the Pacific cousin of Landscapes Live. It is an online seminar series freely accessible to the international scientific community interested in various aspects of geomorphology. Our talks take place on Zoom during office time for most researchers around the Pacific. Check your local time here.

Landscapes Live and Landscapes Live Pacific are affiliated to the Geomorphology (GM) division of EGU and contribute to develop its virtual activities. Indeed, EGU is pioneering a new CampFire concept to bring together the geoscience community in between General Assemblies. We hope that this will meet the needs of the current pandemic but also help us in our transition to a greener future and ensure that our community better serve the needs of all scientists regardless of international mobility.

Program 16th of June 2022 (Sydney AEST/GMT+10):

10:00 am - Sabin Zahirovic & Tristan Salles (The University of Sidney) "Importance of landscapes dynamics on long-term sedimentation rates: a global scale perspective"

10:45 am - Phaedra Upton (GNS Science Dunedin) "The Marlborough Fault System: a complex transition zone in central New Zealand illuminated by inherited structural and topographic anisotropy"

11:30 am - Anthony Dosseto (University of Wollongong) "Rain, trees and erosion – new insights on old ideas"

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